movietized parents,

           movietized kids


In the course of my work as Life Coach and throughout the research process that I have had the opportunity to do, I have come to the following two conclusions:

  • Being a parent is a personal matter, that has little to do with our kids 

  • The relationship with our children begins long before conception


It's strange to read this, right? But in reality, the way we educate our children is directly related to how we are emotionally and how we have processed the events of our lives and our past. With this in mind, it is not difficult to realize the immense responsibility that being a parent represents and how important it is to find our inner balance and resolve what is not resolved in our past, in order to be our best version when we relate to our children.


The interaction we have with our kids, from the moment of conception, generates in them an attachment system that is key in the development of the human being and defines the way in which they will relate to their own children and to life itself.


All human beings have inherited beliefs and acquired beliefs that get shaped throughout our life experiences, together they are responsible for our behavior patterns. We act based on  what we believe.


This compendium of beliefs generates a filter through which we see the world, a filter that can sometimes make us see life from a distorted perspective. This way of looking at life inevitably influences our way of being parents.


If as parents we are unable to identify this harmful belief system that gives a biased frame of reference to our reality, if we don´t do something about it, we won´t be able to parent our children with respect, understanding, compassion and the tolerance we want and therefore we can cause a lot of pain.


As parents, we can not forget that we give our children the legacy that will accompany them for the rest of their lives. Are we aware of the legacy we are giving them?

This conference will help you become more aware of how you are projecting your own upbringing experiences upon your children, it will help you see the relationship with your parents from a deeper perspective. It will allow you to identify your own attachment system, the movies in your head and the way you think about your life, your past, your reality, the situations of your present moment and your children.


It will give you clarity about how you are educating them, it will also help you identify the way in which you relate to them, and the projections that you make of your own fears and beliefs.  You will be able to observe the weight of the paradigm in which you have grown up and how this influences the relationship with them.


Being a parent is one of the greatest responsibilities and joys we can have in adult life and we need all the tools available, so we can do it the best way possible.


This seminar won´t answer all your doubts, nor will give clarity to all your concerns, but I guarantee you that it will shed a lot of light on what are the further steps you need to take to become a better person, a better parent.