why are we 

       so movietized? 


WHY DO WE LIVE SO MOVIETIZED? It is the first seminar of the series MOVIETIZED. It was born from a deep desire to share the information and knowledge I have gathered  since I started my work as life coach.


More than 2,500 "flying hours" as a coach, countless read books and many courses hosted by some of the most renowned "gurus" of our time, have granted me access to great and key information that has helped me understand in a very clear way, what is the origin human behavior patterns and how and why we think and act the way we do.

I have witnessed first-hand in my own life and the lives of my clients, the suffering and pain that these patterns bring to our lives.

One day I thought that teaching what I learned would allow me to touch a greater number of people and in this way I would be fulfilling my purpose of communicating and serving.


WHY DO WE LIVE SO MOVIETIZED? is in itself, an autobiography, translated into academic and anecdotal terms, where I count between the lines my life story, my learning process and transformation.


By attending this seminar, you will learn, from the most basic concepts about thoughts to the most sophisticated tools for dismantling beliefs.


I am sure that this information, will change the way you relate to the way you think, and therefore, will change your life!




  • What is a thought?
  • Facts about thoughts
  • ​Origin, characteristics, types, belief systems
  • Thought processes
  • Why do we think what we think?
  • Cognitive Distortions, why do they happen?
  • Kinds of Cognitive Distortions
  • Core Beliefs
  • Effect of Core Beliefs, how are they created?
  • Emotions
  • Thoughts interactions with emotions 
  • Epigenetics
  • Brain systems: Reptilian, limbic and cortex.
  • The brain systems and human behavior
  • Conscious and  subconscious mind
  • The Pain Body
  • How does the Pain Body create our reality?


  • Life paradigms and limiting beliefs 
  • Tools to question thoughts and paradigms