who am I? 

If someone were to ask me to define myself, I would say that I am a book full of stories... Some of them have been written by me, but most of them have been written by the people I have had the privilege of meeting throughout my professional life. My passion for people and their stories have completely transformed the way I see life, the way I see my life.  It has been a wonderful journey, that has given me the opportunity to meet people at a very deep level, at levels I never could have imagined.


A few years after I finished college, I became a portrait photographer.  I always wanted to know, before each session, what motivated a person to take pictures.

For 15 years, I took pictures of thousands of people in 4 different countries. My clients had different races, personalities, creeds and tendencies, an incredible variety of individuals, all of them different, yet sharing something in common, a powerful life story and those stories were the reason why they could become vulnerable in front of my lens.

I loved the long conversations before the sessions, the level of intimacy and trust we attained was magical. Those conversations opened the door to honesty and reflection, the result of the sessions were real, honest and powerful portraits.


Being photographed is an act of courage. Over time I understood that when a person decides to have a photo session, that person wants to be seen, not only by other people, but by themselves. I realized that, in some way, my photo sessions were coaching sessions. People were looking for the best version of themselves, photography was just a mean to that end, and I loved every opportunity to facilitate that journey.

A few years later, I had the opportunity to become a Certified Passion Test Facilitator and a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach. The information that I acquired during my certification processes and the participation in multiple events hosted by Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, Joe Dispenza among others, helped me understand, in a more academic way, what I did intuitively during the photo sessions and also helped me tremendously to understand my own life challenges.

I loved so much what I learned, and the transformation that happened in my life, that I decided to change my activity and dedicate myself to work as Life Coach. I moved to the United States, where I have been living for the past 3 years, during this time, I have worked full time as a Life Coach. It has been a wonderful and enriching experience where I have been able to know in depth the most hidden parts of the human being, their fears, struggles, desires, passions, and dreams.

Today with more than 2,500 hours of coaching, I am considered a Master Coach, sounds fancy, doesn't it?


These "flying hours" as a coach have given me the opportunity to learn many things about patterns of human behavior, the way we think, why we act the way we do and the suffering and pain that these patterns sometimes bring to our lives.


One day I found myself feeling limited by the  one to one setting I was working with so I decided to create a seminar and be able to communicate massively, that day  WHY DO WE LIVE SO MOVIETIZED was born.  This seminar is a compilation of what I have learned all these years, teaching  it would allow me to touch a greater number of people and in this way fulfill my purpose of communicating and serving.

WHY DO WE LIVE SO MOVIETIZED, is an autobiography, translated into academic and anecdotal terms, where between the lines I tell the story of my own life and all the challenges and learnings of the process.   As I said at the beginning of this page: If someone were to ask me to define myself, I would say that I am a book full of stories ...